Cultivating Citizenship

Thank you, Vicki Davis, for posting this article on Edutopia. We have student leadership classes and civic literacy classes that require community service as part of their curriculum. We also have a voluntary program that is schoolwide. The seven approaches in this article provide great advice on getting more students into the giving frame of mind. So far this year, I’ve been impressed with how kind our students are while on campus. I’d like to see that kindness out in the community more. Tip #3 suggests that students use social media as a resource to promote their cause. This is yet another way to promote digital responsibility. The more opportunities students have for positive online interaction, the more they remain in the habit of being responsible while online. Reaching people en masse also breeds energy and excitement for the students to continue on their venture of goodwill.

Social Entrepreneurship: 7 Ways to Empower Student Changemakers


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