It’s Time to Teach Tech!

Much is being said about teaching students 21st century skills. We are already fourteen years late on this endeavor. We need to catch up in order to make students more globally aware and more marketable adults. However, technology should enhance and further education of skills, not replace them for the sake of novelty. In “Why We Need To Embrace Technology In The Classroom Right Now,” Tahnk lists several benefits when technology is integrated effectively into curriculum.

1. Teachers have more access to instructional materials and information than ever before. Achieve the Core, Odell Education, and Scholastic resources expand the teacher’s repertoire exponentially.

2. Technology allows for differentiation in student skill level. There are many sites, such as IXL and Study Island, that allow teachers to assess student skill level and assign work intended to increase student ability at the pace of the student.

3. The novelty technology brings to the classroom reaches students in a manner that excites students. Students feel as though they are learning something real, in the secondary level. The elementary level enjoys the gamification of the learning process. Both levels benefit from the platform provided by technology, rather than limiting the learning experience to the worksheet wasteland the rest of us experienced.

4. The largest benefit is the learning of skills that follow students to their future. When I introduce a new technology to my students I do not instruct them on how to use the platform. Instead, I give them the outcomes I expect and let them grapple with the program, which enhances their problem-solving skills.

Students need to see that there are uses for technology other than Candy Crush Saga and social media. Meet the 21st century, students, otherwise known as Your Future.



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