Teachers, Tech, and Tomorrow

Common Core State Standards pushes educators to integrate technology in our curriculum. In Beyond Technology, How to Spark Kids’ Passions, Barseghian reminds us that the push is to INTEGRATE, not replace the teacher’s role in educating our children. With companies jockeying for contracts with school districts, legislation telling us to use technology more, and educating digital natives, it is difficult for teachers to navigate through fun gadgets versus good teaching.

1.     Listen to students’ dreams and desires in order to help them navigate to their goals.

2.     Respect students’ input on what they are learning. They may not grasp what they need to learn, but they do know how they learn best and this knowledge can assist us in our quest together.

3.     Over-expect from students because they are native to the digital world. They understand the technology and should be permitted a range of modes to present what they learn. Poster boards and PowerPoint presentations are old technologies, which limit student ability. Let them select from a range of platforms to keep their interest in their learning.

4.     Do what you know is right. Technology is no replacement for the teacher-student relationship and policies are no excuse for surface-level teaching of the curriculum.

Maybe we should consider creating a Hippocratic oath for teachers to first teach with no harm. WE came into the profession with a goal that came from the heart. It is important set everything else aside and remember that goal in order to do the best for our children.


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