Education: I have a Bachelor’s in English, a Master’s in Educational Technology, and a Master’s in Educational Administration.

Experience: I have been teaching at the junior high level for over 15 years. Many find this age group to be particularly difficult, but I thoroughly enjoy their quirkiness, adaptability, and growth.

Current Work: I am on a team of 7 people building the curriculum units of study for 8th grade ELA in my district. Recently, I became the Intervention Specialist (teaching coach) to support teachers in developing their skills in Common Core State Standards and Literacy Standards. I am also a facilitator for the Expository Reading and Writing Course (ERWC) through CalPoly, Pomona.

Personal Interests: I am a compulsive learner. Reading, researching, and practicing what I learn keeps me younger and more energized. I also enjoy cycling. In the past, I have participated in a seven-day charity ride, earning money for AIDS research and treatment. Though I haven’t been on my bike recently, when I do ride I can log 20-40 miles at a time. I genuinely want students to remember me as someone who practices what she preaches, even if they can’t remember my name.

Professional Interests: With the recent move toward Common Core State Standards, I have been gathering information, lessons, and applications that will serve students in their adult lives. As educators, we need to see our students as future adults, not just the age they are in our classrooms. If what you teach only applies to the unit of study or your class specifically, you are not doing a sufficient job teaching. It’s time to find another profession.


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