Thinking About Thinglink

Recently, it was suggested that I check out as a way to step up the concept of infographic use in the classroom. Since infographics were a huge success in my classes I’ve been contemplating the opportunities that I can create by building my own in order to instruct my students. Many times we have students who are absent, called out of class, or take vacations during time of traditional instruction. What if we tie more information to our infographics by embedding pertinent files, videos, links, writing prompts, or quizzes? Many districts/schools provide web space for teachers to post information regarding their classes. It would be relatively easy to add the materials to an infographic using and then posting it to the class webpage. Students would then be able to access the information they missed when class is not attended, not to mention the opportunities to replay and revisit videos and concepts that may be troublesome for students who do not process as quickly as others.

Attached is an infographic I put together previously. It only took about 20 minutes to play with the Thinglink program and embed the videos for each character trait.

Anatomy of a Student    anatomysourced(1)

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